Boating seems difficult, but if one is determined, nothing is impossible. As the beginner boater hums the famous nursery “Row Your Boat” rhyme, they can picture themselves gliding down the waters of the calm inland stream, enjoying every moment inside the blue waters.

Boating is an exercise that needs proper training and professional navigation skills. Together with adequate experience, these things can make one have a worthwhile boating experience.

One has to combine analytical skills, technical knowledge, and physical fitness to create a pleasurable boating adventure.

Indulging in boating isn’t a walk in the park for a beginner. With the above essentials in mind, the following are some 5 crucial tips that’ll help novice boaters propel their boating trips to a new level.

Wipe Off the Boat Using Morning Dew
Distilled water is an excellent option to clean the boat before rowing along the stream. If one can’t access commercial distilled water, morning dew will do. Morning dew is effective enough to make the boat spot-free. One doesn’t need to bother themselves with commercial distilled water while nature has provided it for free!

Kill Mold Before Getting Into the Boat
Everyone wants a green bleaching agent for the boat. In such a case, why not try white vinegar? White vinegar keeps the boater safe from the molds attached to the boat. Apply the agent using a spray bottle.

Clean the Shore-power Cord
The boat parts need to be clean to ensure that the boat doesn’t break down in the middle of the stream. Where one needs to clean the shore-power cord or the RIB, do it using a citrus-style hand cleaner.

Move the Orbital Polisher Clockwise for Safety
One needs to be safe while rowing along the stream. To ensure maximum safety, the boater should always move the orbital polisher clockwise. The boat may jump if its pad strikes an obstacle when moving anticlockwise.

Use Paint Remover That Doesn’t Damage the Gelcoat
Various paint removers such as the oven-cleaner spray remove adhesive residue and paint from the gelcoat without causing damages.

With these tips, one is now set to start the boating trips. With a clean boat and adequate boating skills, one will have an exceptional adventure rowing on the blue stream waters.