The open water isn’t the same everywhere. Sure, everywhere might have deep water, fishing, and beautiful sunsets, but there are some boater-friendly spots that are the best in the world. We’ve listed five of the most ideal places to live for boaters.


1) Lake Murray; Columbia, South Carolina


Lake Murray has the Southern charm this part of the world is known for. The lake is 41 miles long. It’s famous for its thousands of boats that enjoy the 48,000-acre reservoir. This lake has dozens of marinas with ramps and landings. It’s also known for a B-25 bomber that sank back in the 1940s. It was located almost 60 years later and raised from the lake.


2) Destin, Florida


Destin is a perfect place for parasailing, fishing, scuba diving, and surfing. Boaters love the bay and the Intracoastal Waterway. Destin has Crab Island, an underwater island perfect for boating and playing. Vendors go there to sell seasonal food and treats. The South Walton beaches nearby separate Gulf by sand. Their sand dune barriers actually mix that fresh and saltwater a few times a year in that area.


3) Newport, Oregon


Some think boating in this area is tough due to the tides and the currents. A true boater can navigate these waters. Its top industries are sport and commercial fishing, shipping, and fish processing. People love the Newport Summer weather of only about 70 degrees. It rains about 68 inches each year. One great thing about boating in this area is that it’s open to Dungeness crabbing in Yaquina Bay the entire year.


4) Grand Traverse Bay, Lake Michigan


People love this area for the gorgeous cherry blossoms and the charm of nearby tourist towns. There are multiple marinas for hanging out. The bays like Beaver Islands provide history as it was once ruled by Mormom King Jeames Jesse Strang. Others enjoy visiting the ports like in Milwaukee.


5) Puget Sound, Lake Washington


Boating in Seattle is exciting for many because it has a big opening day celebration. Everyone packs the lake for the parades and parties. Then you’re off roaming around the freshwater lake Washingon and the Ocean’s Puget Sound. Many people love to fish for salmon in this lake.