If you ask the majority of the population in America, one day they aspire to go to Europe if they haven’t been there already. With so many countries, cultures, landscapes, and attractions to see, it’s no wonder how Europe became a popular tourist destination. Most cities including London, Paris, and Madrid are among the most beautiful and touristy cities. However, there are hidden gems not many people know about. What are some of these cities, where are they located, and what makes them so unique? 

Ankara, Turkey

Turkey is one of those amazing countries that is simply steeped in history, and Ankara is no exception. In Turkey, you will find famous cafe culture, and visit some incredible pieces of architecture including the Kocatep Mosque. You can also find plenty of entertainment in Ankara, and you will not be disappointed by the variety of street food that you can eat in this unique city.

Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw’s Old Town rivals virtually any other in all of Europe, and you can learn a lot about Polish culture simply by visiting this iconic off-the-beaten-path city. Wroclaw is a delightful blend of the old and new culture and the food is simply not to be missed. You will experience all of your Polish favorites in Wroclaw.

Bern, Switzerland

With first-class museums featuring artists like Picasso and other greats, plus plenty of activities for outdoor enthusiasts, Bern is one of the most eclectic cities in the entire world. Stroll the picturesque streets, or see the city from the River Aare, where you can enjoy the day paddling down the city’s famous river.

Aberdeen, Scotland

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Scotland’s cities, simply head up to the highlands and visit Aberdeen. Not only will you be surrounded by lush scenery and some of the best views this region has to offer, but you will also get to sample some amazing Scotch whiskey!

The Hague, Netherlands

If you want to visit an Amsterdam alternative that is just a few minutes from the beach, consider making your next vacation The Hague. This charming city is laced with canals and is completely wonderful to stroll around. You will not run out of things to do in The Hague, and you can easily alternate between a relaxing afternoon and an exciting day sightseeing.