Boating is a great pastime that can turn into an even greater opportunity to go fishing or just enjoy the view of the water. However, it requires a lot of preparation for safety reasons.


Clothing is your first defense against the elements when you’re out boating. If you wear too thin clothes or cause you to overheat, they could become a danger to you or damage your boat. While there are many different types of clothes available, here are five of the best styles for boaters:


1). Waterproof Jackets


Waterproof jackets are always available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They can be quite heavy, but if they keep you dry, then that’s what really matters when it comes to staying safe on the water! The great thing about these coats is that most have hoods attached which keep raining your face – this is especially important when the weather is poor.


2). Sun Protection Shirts


If you’re going to be spending a lot of time on your boat, then prepare yourself for a lot of sun exposure! The best way to keep cool and protect yourself from harmful UV rays is to wear a high-quality shirt that has been made from materials that breathe. These shirts will make sure you don’t feel overheated or dehydrated while also protecting certain areas from getting burned by the sunlight.


3). Wide Brimmed Hats


A wide-brimmed hat works as both protection from the sun and keeps water away from your face thanks to its natural shape that repels raindrops very well. This type of hat needs to have a string attached so that it can fit snuggly to your head and keep the light from shining directly on your face even when it’s windy.


4). Waterproof Shoes


Just as important as keeping dry is keeping your feet dry if you’re going to be spending a lot of time outside! To avoid getting blisters or falling ill, it’s best to wear a comfortable pair of shoes that have been made with waterproof material. This will protect you from any harmful bacteria inside the boat or in the water, which could end up making you sick if they enter a cut or sore on your foot.


5). Swimming Suits


Swimming suits are great for those who enjoy swimming while out on their boat. It may seem obvious but don’t forget to pack your swimsuit in your bag, or you could end up with a very uncomfortable trip! If it isn’t the proper weather to swim, simply put on a pair of shorts over your swimming trunks and use lotion and sunscreen for protection from the sun.




Next time you go boating, make sure you pack these five things and stay safe on the water!