Lately, boating has become increasingly popular and there has been a huge increase in boat sales. Vast numbers of people are making their way to the water to partake in fishing, sailing, waterskiing, and other activities pertaining to boats. There are several things that could explain this event.

For instance, an abundance of marine financing is enabling more people to purchase boats. Like many things, boats are usually bought on credit. Due to low-interest rates and reduced requirements, more people are able to qualify for boat loans.

Covid-19 has lead to increased boating interest in several ways. Social distancing, recommended or required in many places, inspires people to seek activities that can be done without close social interaction. Boating is a great activity for that because it lets people distance themselves from others across large lakes or even the ocean.

Also, many gyms, taverns, restaurants, etc were closed for a long while, so people sought outdoor activities, including boating. Thirdly, due to a lack of commute time because of working from home, job loss, or reduced hours, people had more spare time and were able to take on new hobbies.

Travel restrictions caused many people to look towards aquatic activities such as boating in place of vacations. Finally, most U.S. citizens got a stimulus check, for those who were still working, this gave them the means to buy a boat.

Furthermore, boating is less expensive these days thanks to the internet. Many websites, such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and sites dedicated to boat sales, allow people to seek cheaper, used boats.

Social media has also contributed to increased boating interest. When you see numerous Instagram or Facebook posts about boating, you may become interested. Some people become interested in activities, such as boating, because their neighbor or close friend buys a boat.

Rather or not boating will continue to increase in popularity is difficult to determine. Social and economic trends will probably be influenced by Covid-19 for a long time coming. Likewise, financing will probably be available with low-interest for quite some time. Only time will tell if boating is simply the latest craze or if more people are truly realizing the many benefits of boating as a recreational activity.