Boating is an entertaining and calming activity to many people, but boats were not necessarily made to live on. Some people go against this, however, and will spend an extended amount of time sailing across the sea, whether it be work-related or enjoying a peaceful moment on the water. No matter the reason, there are a few essentials needed for a safer and comfortable boating trip.

Garmin Inreach Satellite Communicator

This is not a cheap item but is one of the most used while on the water. This device allows someone to communicate with others via email or text message, no matter how far away from land. These devices work off the Iridium satellite network. They also have a GPS system and a feature that allows public posts to be made online.

Solar Deck Shower

This item is basically exactly what it sounds like. To use this, water needs to be gathered and then hung in sight of the sun so the water heats up. There is also a handle on this item that gives a little bit more water pressure to make sure all soap is rinsed out of hair.

Solar Oven

This one is kind of simple and basic, but food and nutrition are always needed whether it be on land or in water. Bringing along a solar oven will allow foods like vegetables, bread, and even meat to be cooked on the boat from the sun’s heat.

Solar Device Chargers

With so many electric devices in today’s society, a good charging station is a must. Solar device chargers gather energy from the sun and turn it into energy that will power electronic devices. The connector ports on this device, however, should be covered because they can rust from splashing saltwater.

Whistling Kettle

Just like at home on land, hot water is a need on the water as well. A kettle uses a propane tank to boil collected water in the pot so it can be used for things like bathing, drinks, or doing dishes. When picking a whistling kettle for boat living, it is important to find one that is heavier than others, this way it will stay in one place as opposed to a lighter kettle.