The professional and amateur racing of sailboats is a standard part of the sailing industry. The first known races were held in Holland before they were eventually introduced to America and England during the 17th century. Nowadays, marine institutions and yacht clubs organize various types of competitions for recreational and social use. There are a wide variety of styles of sailboat racing.


Due to the popularity of sailboat racing, many people plan to attend one of these events. While there are many sailing events to find along coasts, there are a few that stand out among the rest. Below are a few of the most famous sailing races from around the world.


Cowes Week

One of these is the annual racing event known as Cowes Week. It takes place yearly in Hampshire and features thousands of participants, including professional sailors and amateurs. The event also has various onshore events. One of the most popular events during the week is the fireworks display.


Volvo Ocean Race

The Volvo Ocean Race is a professional sailing event every three years. It starts in October each year and is regarded as the world’s longest and most challenging race. The competitors have to face harsh weather conditions throughout the entire nine-month event.


America’s Cup

Established in 1851, America’s Cup is regarded as one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious sailboat racing events. It features some of the most prominent professional sailors and yacht designers. Besides being a professional event, the competition also features a design contest.


Vendée Globe

The other racing event commonly referred to as the “Vendée Globe” is a single-handed round-the-world race that starts and ends in France. This event, which lasts for over three months, is considered one of the most extreme and challenging competitions in the sailing industry. It tests the competitors’ skills and places them under tremendous pressure during certain moments.



One of the most popular racing events in the Mediterranean is the Barcolana, which takes place each year in Italy. This event, which started in 1969, features thousands of participants and spectators. The race begins and ends in the Gulf of Trieste. This event also features various categories for boats and their sailors. Eight-year-old children are allowed to participate in the race.


These are all excellent experiences if you have the opportunity to attend. Sailing races can be exciting to watch, especially high-quality professional events like these!