As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause problems and change the way we live our lives, setting sail for a new life looks all the more appealing. There are thousands of books about sailing, from novels to non-fiction books, that can inspire you to find the open water. Here are a few of the books about sailing you may have missed over the last few years.

The Sailing Bible: The Complete Guide for all Sailors, from Novice to Expert

No matter what your level of experience, this book can be vital to your sailing career. The book is filled with tips, guides, and instructions. Sailors at the start of their sailing career will be able to learn about the basics of building a boat and how to handle it at sea. After gaining some experience, the book provides an overview of how to improve your skills as a sailor. Reading the book takes us on a journey from the first sets of learning to sail to maintenance and expert sailing tips.

The Old man and The Sea

No list of sailing books would be complete without the 1952 classic by Ernest Hemingway. The writer was a dedicated and expert fisherman who wrote the ultimate sailing book about overcoming the most difficult adversity. The story of a Cuban fisherman who becomes obsessed by the battle he fights with a giant marlin in the Gulf has captivated readers for more than had a century.

Two Years Before The Mast

This powerful memoir was written by Richard Henry Dana Jr. in 1840. The Harvard student was hit by a case of measles that affected his sight. The traditional cure and rehabilitation period for measles included a trip to Europe to aid recovery. Richard Henry Dana was unable to afford the Grand Tour to Europe and signed up as a common sailor on the ship, The Pilgrim. The details of his journey are colorful and exciting, providing a glimpse into life on the ocean waves.

How to Sail With Dogs

The number of canines aboard sailboats is growing, and Michelle Segrest gives 100 tips on traveling with your pet dog. Alongside tips on keeping your dog safe onboard a ship, Segrest explains how to handle immigration requirements for several major nations.