After you have rented a boat, you are now wondering what you are going to do with all of the time that you have. This article will give you some ideas on what to do with all of the accessories that you will need to make the most of your trip. Whether you want to get some relaxation time or get some adrenaline pumping, these 10 boat accessories will have you covered.

Waterproof Dry Bags or Storage Bins

When you are in an environment that is constantly wet, you need a place to store all of your important items, such as smartphones. Having a good pair of waterproof dry bags can help keep these items dry.

A dry bag is what it sounds like: a type of bag that seals to keep your items dry. There are various sizes of these bags, so you can stuff all of your important items, such as your driver’s license, into them. Non-submersible bags are more durable and cost less than their submersible counterparts. If you are looking for a good pair of dry bags, you should head over to a shop that specializes in diving equipment.

Safety Kits and Water Bailing Equipment

Although it’s unlikely that you will ever need to bail out your boat, having a bailing container can help you get it back to shore in the event that you have a moderate or small water leak. These are very cheap safety kits that we would highly recommend.

GoPro Camera

Unfortunately, many cameras and smartphones have died after getting wet while out on the boat. These are not the only reasons why a GoPro camera is the best choice when it comes to taking photos and videos out on the water.

GoPro cameras are waterproof devices that can be used on various types of boats, such as the ones that you can carry with you. They can shoot both video and still photos using their built-in stabilization and slow-motion capabilities. These cameras also have various other features that can help minimize the blur that can occur when moving boats are submerged.

If you are planning on using a boat for snorkeling, then you might want to use a GoPro camera. These devices are durable and versatile, and they can help keep memories of your time on the water incredibly long.

First-Aid Kits

These are very cheap first aid kits that can help make it easy to treat minor injuries and wounds. The Rothco Tactical First Aid Kit comes with over 20 different items, such as bandages, alcohol prep pads, hydrogen peroxide, and more. Its related kit also comes with ER-style scissors.

Personal Locator Beacon

Having a personal locator beacon can be a great safety tool for any style boater, as it can help you keep track of your passengers and other important items. It can also be helpful if you’re bringing new people on board who are a little nervous about sailing.

These devices, which are small enough to be attached to a pair of life jackets or shorts, can help rescuers find you in an emergency. They can also provide you with peace of mind in the event that you get separated from your companions.

Solar Device Charger

Getting a poor battery life is one of the most frustrating things that people experience when it comes to their smartphones. This is why it’s important that you have a portable solar charger that can be set up anywhere that you can find a convenient location.