Every seasoned boater is aware that the boat is just the start. Having some shrewd boat gadgets and accessories on board may make a lovely day on the water incredible.

Everyone has experienced the terrifying sensation of seeing a smartphone’s battery life drop to 10%, then 5%, then 1% when they are in an area without access to a charging station. Invest in a portable solar charger that can be put up anywhere and transform a boat, a beach, or an island campsite into a location for recharging electronic devices. GoalZero manufactures portable solar chargers with USB ports connecting anything from a tablet to a smartphone. These chargers contain many foldable panels for simple storage or transport, and when they’re folded up, they’re lightweight enough to connect to a bag. The biggest versions have the power to operate a mobile refrigerator.

A portable boat grill is the best option if you want your lunch on board to be hot. Home-style charcoal grills are worthless on the water, so you’ll need a marine-specific barbecue like the ones West Marine offers. The sea environment is too harsh for charcoal briquettes. A portable gas grill is required; preferably, one that can be fastened to the boat so that it won’t topple over if the boat is struck by a wake and begins to rock side to side. Boat-ready grills and the mounts needed to keep them secure on board are both produced under the Magma brand. The mounts holding the grill to the boat are either fixed or detachable.

The stereos and speakers incorporated into many boats vary in quality, and they can’t be picked up and put into a kayak or the beach. A portable Bluetooth speaker is, therefore, a necessary boat gear. The JBL Go 3 can wirelessly connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device and be used for five hours without recharging. Additionally, it comes in various vibrant hues, from red to camouflage.

On a boat, typical glasses can shatter. Bed Bath & Beyond offers a range of unbreakable glasses for usage on a boat or by the pool. There are stemmed and stemless wine glasses, old-fashioned and pilsner beer glasses, and good ol’ 12-piece varied sets that carry everything from soda to iced tea. Some boats may benefit from tumblers with lids if you intend to travel quickly for most of the day.

A beach towel is one of the nicest boat accessories to have on board. Oversized beach towels are even better since they may serve as impromptu blankets. L.L. Bean offers waterproof outdoor blankets with soft polyester-fleece coverings sturdy enough to endure anything from a splash to damp grass. They come in many bright colors and designs and can be bought in extra-large sizes.