You have decided to set sail, and it is time to select the departure date. Setting the date requires knowledge of the weather, winds, currents, tradewinds, hurricane season, and several other pertinent factors. There are many details to consider, including work schedules and supplies needed. It can take months to plan and amass necessary provisions.


Safety First When Sailing


Ensuring the vessel is safe and ready to sail is the most crucial part of planning a transatlantic sailing trip. Planning how to safely sail long distances is of utmost importance and puts other aspects of the planning in second place. Part of the planning of safety comes from ensuring you have all necessary licenses, certifications, communication equipment, weather and navigation equipment needed to make sure everyone is safe for the journey, including the boat.


Organization Matters


Planning to be on a transatlantic sailing vessel for an extended time requires skill organizing and ensuring every space on the ship is used for absolute essentials. Use lockers as part of the organization plan and create a detailed inventory of each one. The list created will make finding the essential items easier.


Can Pets Sail?


Pets can sail with you with some heavy preparation. Depending on where you are planning to sail, there are country requirements to prepare for, first aid while at sea, safety, and even potty training will need to be addressed in your plans. Sailing with Dogs is an excellent resource when making your sailing plans.


Packing for Your Trip


Items you will need onboard will require special planning. You will need to consider what equipment to bring aboard, along with clothes, food, and pet supplies.


When packing items, such as clothes, you will need to carefully consider each item for your trip. Space is essential, and the articles of clothing required can vary tremendously due to weather.


The Cost


A transatlantic sailing trip requires making a budget and being prepared to make adjustments to it. You will need an idea of what your trip will cost and be prepared for that cost to be more than expected.

A transatlantic sailing trip requires preparation and planning but will be worth all the work. Consider investing in some of the fantastic resources available to help you prepare and get started on your dream.