Whether it’s rust, fish stains, grime, or sticky grease, boats can get very dirty after just a few uses. It is important to clean a boat well and properly. Proper boat cleaning can increase the longevity of a boat, makes it more attractive, and even protects it from the natural elements. Here are some suggestions for boat cleaners that can restore a boat to like-new condition:

Starbrite Instant Hull Cleaner
Starbrite is good for metal, fiberglass, and painted surfaces. It is non-abrasive and biodegradable, making it suitable for cleaning while the boat is still in the water. It also works well as a preparation for hull polishing.

Simple Green Marine All-Purpose Boat Cleaner
Simple Green is ideal for grease and oil messes. It is non-abrasive, and since it is biodegradable, it is safe for use near the water.

Collinite No. 920 Fiberglass Boat Cleaner
Using Collinite on a fiberglass hull before applying wax will make the wax last longer and perform better. It also quickly restores the hull’s original color.

Meguiar’s M6332 Premium Marine Wax
Meguiar’s brings out the full color and shine on a surface. It provides UV and polymer protection and removes blemishes like scratches or swirls.

MaryKate Nu-Teak One Step Teak Cleaner
MaryKate Nu-Teak is good for all hardwood surfaces on a boat. It removes stains, weather and mildew, and does not contain harsh chemicals. It does not raise the wood grains either, and its UV inhibitors preserve hardwood from weathering.

Plexus Plastic Cleaner, Protectant, and Polish
Plexus not only cleans plastic but also protects it and makes it last longer by sealing its pores with an unnoticeable layer of wax that makes it more resistant to damage and yellowing.

Starbrite Sail & Canvas Cleaner
Starbrite removes dirt, grease, mildew stains, and more including a wide variety of fabrics including canvas and nylon. It cleans and brightens without weakening fabric fibers. It can be used on any fabric on a boat, such as sails, sail covers, and Sunbrella fabric.