You can still stay faithful to your eco-friendly lifestyle when you take a vacation. If your concern about travel is how your leisure time will affect the environment, changing how you travel by employing a few simple practices can help you take your environmentally friendly way of life with you. The tips listed here are just a few of the ways you can reduce waste and conserve energy as you explore the world.

Travel by Train
Instead of flying to your destinations, travel by train whenever possible. More people are traveling by air than ever before, and that’s causing us to burn increasing amounts of fuel, but trains use less fuel to go the same distances. Train tickets are considerably cheaper than airline tickets, so you’ll also save money.

Pick Up Some Trash
There’s no reason you can’t leave your vacation spot in better condition by the time you leave. During your visit to the beach, spend a few minutes picking up trash and depositing it in a trash receptacle. You can do the same wherever you go, helping to create a cleaner and more beautiful environment.

Shop at Local Markets
While you’re staying in a new city, try picking up groceries at local markets and making meals in your hotel room. Even if your room doesn’t have a kitchenette, there may be some cold local dishes that you can create on the spot. Buying local will help the local economy and help you eat healthier while still allowing you to sample the cuisine of a different culture.

Bring a Canteen
Travelers waste a significant amount of plastic, especially when it comes to drinking water. Especially in warmer climates, drinking water is necessary for your health, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep buying water in single-use plastic bottles. Instead, bring a canteen with you on your trip and fill it with water from sink faucets whenever you run low.

These are just a few ways you can make your vacation more eco-friendly. You can also plan by calling hotels in your travel destination to find out if they employ eco-friendly practices, such as providing recycled paper products. While you’re planning, find out what types of public transportation will be available in your destination city. Calling ahead, or conducting some online research, can help you find more ways to enjoy a green vacation.