The Best Spots To Live Aboard

Are you a sailboat enthusiast? The United States has the best places to sailboat. This article brings you a list of the incredible spots for sailboating. Let’s roll together!

Green Bay (Wisconsin)

The Green Bay is an excellent destination for those who need to enjoy their leisure time doing things such as fishing. The destination has a friendly surrounding with friendly people and packers who are pretty good to collaborate with. Several marina spots are relatively cheap, with better security and excellent amenities.

Long Island (New York)

This is an incredible spot for those individuals who have one foot in the boating lifestyle. If you love the idea of sailboating up and down, then the Long Island is your second home. Due to the classy amenities and a relaxed environment, the charges of Long Island are relatively expensive.

Tampa Bay (Florida)

Are you in search of a good weather? If you are in Florida, then you are likely to experience a cool weather all round. Tampa is the place to Liveaboard if you have a passion and enjoy doing it. However, you need more income since the price is higher than usual.

Lake of the Ozarks (Missouri)

This is a beautiful destination, especially for those who love beautiful surroundings. The lake covers about 55z square acres of land with a long coastline of more than one thousand miles. The extended coastline makes it an incredible place to explore during your leisure.

Corpus Christi (Texas)

If you have a tight budget and are looking for a better place to spend your free time, Corpus Christi is your next destination. You will have a fantastic access to the South America and all its amenities.

San Diego (California)

Are you planning to live on the west coast? San Diego is the best place! The region is beautiful, and the people are friendly, thus developing a calm environment for survival. However, the prices are a bit higher. If you do not have a problem with the skyrocketing prices, San Diego, California, is the best place for you.


There are numerous spots for sailboating in the United States. However, the cost of survival is what determines where you can spend your leisure time.