When living through a pandemic, vacation and traveling have to change to accommodate basic safety needs. This is where Isolationist Travel comes into play. Just like the name implies, Isolationist Travel involves traveling with the intent to get away from people. This is crucial in the age of social distancing to avoid the spread of COVID-19. 

Even amidst a pandemic, people still have a longing to get outside. After all, fresh air is good for us, and the sense of wanderlust doesn’t die just because social distancing guidelines are in place. There are special websites and apps available that make social distancing possible while traveling. Specially designed for camping, Hipcamp and Campspace will help find private locations for camping away from other campers. 

Those who aren’t as into the primitive element of camping, “glamping” or glamorous camping, have risen to the COVID-19 occasion. Tentrr offers guests the option to stay in furnished tents with outhouses on private land. This is a great way to plan an escape from daily life when it doesn’t seem possible. 

Although it may seem like they should be, group tours are not out of the question for a vacation. Many group tour companies are taking the necessary precautions to ensure that groups are safe during the pandemic. The main precaution is cutting the number of people allowed in a group. This makes it easier for social distancing. When searching for the perfect outdoor tour, think about something that will enable the guests to spread out comfortably. Some great ideas include hiking and water sports, where guests can proceed on the guided tour at their own pace.

If everyone is trying to travel solo or in smaller groups, what does this mean for the group of people venturing solo pre-COVID-19? Many solo travel companies are making adjustments similar to those that the group travel companies are making. Some of these adjustments include offering trips to more remote and rural places to promote social distancing and avoid populated areas. Additionally, some companies encourage solo travelers to drive themselves to meetup locations that are more rural instead of traveling as a group to the central location. 

 Overall, it is still possible to travel during these uncertain times.