The waters of Northern Europe are cold, but that’s also what keeps these waters clean and pure. Cold temperatures tend to keep the masses away. Four ideal locations for sailing in Northern Europe are covered below. The sailing details are short and to the point. The ports will be covered in greater detail. 

Lidingo, Sweden

 Sail in Sweden’s Archipelago, which consists of 24,000 islands and inlets. The natural beauty of these islands and inlets is the appeal of this journey because no island or inlet is the same. Lidingo is also the site of the Lidingo Regatta. 

 Lidingo is an island with a population of 31,561 and is best known for its laid-back atmosphere, greenery, and stunning villas. Most locals and tourists see it as the best island in the Stockholm area. Things to do and places to visit Mullesgarden (museum and gardens with sculptures from ancient Rome), Lidingo Church, Vattenhopp (water park), and Keane Brewing. 

Rostock, Germany 

 Rostock is a historical city on the Baltic Sea. With low currents, perfect wind conditions, and the beautiful coastline, people come from all over the world to sail here. This is also the site of Hanse Sail–one of the largest maritime festivals in Europe. Rostock offers a beach, a zoo, a railway, botanical gardens, and gothic churches when on land. 

Jyvaskyla, Finland

 This is an opportunity to explore the Western side of Finnish Lakeland, which includes rivers, lakes, canals, and islands. You should note that this is also some of the cleanest water in the world. 

 On land, Jyvasklyla has three sections: the buzzing city center, Lutakko Harbor, and cultural uptown. Regardless of the section, almost everyone smiles. Customer service is excellent at restaurants, and most of the food is locally sourced. This is also a young population–approximately 333% of people living here are studying. 

Tromso, Norway

 Tromso is highly appealing for two reasons. One, it’s where most expeditions to the Arctic Circle begin. Two, it’s one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights. 

 Popular activities on land include hiking, fishing, and dogsledding. Tromso is also known for its fjords, centuries-old wooden houses, and its 1965 Arctic Cathedral with a peaked roof and stained-glass windows. The best way to see everything from land is on the Fjellheisen Tromso, one of the world’s most scenic ski lifts.