What could be fun about going boating on the open water? Truthfully, the question should be what isn’t fun about boating? From sailing out on the soothing blue water to coming across sights you won’t be able to see by land, boating (by yourself or with your family) is a pastime that’s more than worthwhile. Here are just a few reasons why you should give sailing out on the open water a chance—you won’t regret it!


 A new family tradition


If you’re going out with your family, why not making boating a family tradition? Nothing gets everyone away from the internet and other digital devices like going out onto the water, and you can turn it into a learning experience. How do you handle a fishing line? How do you trim a sail? You can teach your kids this and much more while letting the adults of your family bond in a new environment.


Saltwater and salty air


A book published in 2014 called Blue Mind explains how humans are naturally drawn to water. Not only does living by the coast improve your physical health, but it improves your mental health as well by making you happier and calmer. It can also help you relax, which strengthens your immune system, help you sleep better, and even extend your lifespan.


A new perspective


If you live landside rather than along the coast, going out onto the water will allow you to see another perspective of the world we live in entirely. Whether you’re only a few miles inland or live hours away from the nearest body of water, seeing and experiencing a town when coming up on it from the water is totally different than when you drive into town in your Jeep. From this perspective, seeing the coastline will show you how it’s been developed, understand the geography of the area, and even teach you about natural and manmade landmarks.


Getting exercise


Rather than run in place on a treadmill and cursing every second of it, why not find fun ways to get your exercise in? Boating offers a variety of ways to get your exercise in for the day: wakesurfing, tubing, wakeboarding, and even just balancing while moving around on the unsteady surface of the boat will give your muscles a workout without you realizing that you’re working out at all. How can you focus on how grueling exercise can feel when you’re having so much fun doing it?