Are you an avid boater worried about your next boating excursion and next aboard for a while? Worry not, for these destinations will provide an ideal home for the next couple of months or your preferred time frame for savvy boaters.


What makes these places ideal?


Every destination has its perks, and even for boaters, you need to look out for certain aspects before choosing a destination for your cruise. These are some of the characteristics you need to look out for:


  1. Accessibility of the region


  1. Their convenience


  1. Serenity and relaxation capabilities


  1. The extent of the water’s habitability


Best Excursion Destinations for Boaters


Destin, Florida


Location: along the Gulf of Mexico


Activities offered: scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, trolling, to name a few. Moreover, if you are interested in being in sync with the land, the region is filled with beaches and islands where you can partake in shopping, wining and dining, and golfing.


Desert waterways


Location: Phoenix, Arizona


Activities offered: fishing, plenty of wildlife to site see, and for those who enjoy exploration, the region has hidden coves and caves for your exploration. Similarly, there are plenty of canyons for you to feast your eyes on.


Atlantic Ocean


Location: Long Island, New York


Activities offered: strategically located near the city’s hustle and bustle, you can decide to commune with the city’s inhabitants for exhilaration and the time of your life. One can enjoy the scenery of the open ocean on the inlet and serene bays. The island has plenty of castles for you to visit since they are open to the public.


Chickamauga Lake


Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee


Activities offered: what stands out about this region is that the area is dynamic and can offer myriad choices for boaters ranging from boating in a flowing river to calm waters at the lake. The area is well known for the proliferation of boat ramps for fishing and skiing enthusiasts. In addition to this, the area has picnic sites strategically placed along the course of the river.


Lake Murray


Location: Columbia, South Carolina


Activities offered: since the lake is a power plant, the reservoir does not record massive current changes and is thereby conducive for swimming, skiing, cruising, and rafting. Moreover, the lake is flooded with marinas offering ramps and landings.




These destinations exude nothing but sheer calmness and tranquility for all boaters. They are the epitome of waterway havens that you should aspire to visit at least once in your lifetime.